◎Features of the raw ham of fish
Fresh fish, and was slowly and carefully smoked at a low temperature. Also different raw sashimi, a heated smoked and also different "fish of raw ham" is high temperature, yet juicy, I feel more deeply the flavor and characteristics of the fish have. There may be a surprising discovery in fish that were accustomed to eat.

peace of mind that completely additive-free
"Fish of raw ham" is also challenging to completely additive-free. It is not added at all, such as coloring agents, preservatives. Wild cherry tree of chips used in fumigation is also pesticide-free cultivation. Why bother to here. It's us make hand himself, because hope and want to eat that there is no anxiety to the family and loved ones. Please, along with the "heart of the feast" that peace of mind, please enjoy the spread of new flavors and food.
 Waters of Sado Island is a rich paradise of sea warm current crosses from the cold current and Tsushima from Okhotsk.
In addition, the Edo period came in the food culture of the country along with the ship in the port of call of Kitamaebune.
People of Sado It is no exaggeration to say that knows the taste and how to handle fish.
However, why we want to expand more eating.
I want to meet the new flavor to more impressed.
Was born from such feelings is the "fish of the raw ham"
Delicious callings want hang the "fish of the ham."
Adjustment of the thickness of slice. It will also change in the 0.5 mm. First, a thin cut as much as possible remains of the half-thawed. When I take a cold put a little time, make sure the flavor is included in your mouth, it
Please enjoy the thickness of your choice on the basis of the. Even when the fish liquor such as sake and wine, looks better and more both flavor and varying the thickness depending on the type of liquor.
Of Sado Island production "seaweed Nagamo" has good freshness, has been attracting attention as the highest good.
Rich mineral, has been with the antioxidant effect include fucoidan there.
Beauty and health Sado production Naka Please also relish.
 Was an entry in the "Team Chef Competition" of 2015 Nippon TV.
  3 goods are exhibited, we received the highest award in 3 dishes.
  "Fish of raw ham" has been produced in the additive-free. Amid growing concern about the safety of food, it has received a lot of coverage from each media.